Will Sky Cancel My BT Contract?

How do I cancel my contract with BT?

You’re probably tied in to a 12 or 24-month contract if you’re with BT, so check carefully before cancelling.

There’s no way of doing this online so you’ll need to call them on 0800 345 7310.

Or, if you don’t like the idea of being on hold, you can write them a letter confirming your intention to cancel.13 Sep 2019

Can I cancel my BT contract early?

There’s a minimum term for most BT products. If you cancel within this time you’ll have to pay an early termination charge. What you’re charged depends on how long is left to run on your contract. Alternatively, if you had signed up to a special offer, you have to pay the outstanding term charges.

Does Sky pay BT cancellation fees?

Before making the switch, you should check your contract to see whether there is an early cancellation fee. If your minimum term has expired, then there shouldn’t be anything to pay beyond your final bill. Sky requires 14 days’ notice for broadband, while BT needs 30 days’ notice.5 Feb 2019

Can I change from BT to Sky?

If you’re switching between two Openreach providers – such as BT, Sky, TalkTalk, Plusnet, or EE – all you need to do is order a new package. If you’re switching to or from a provider on a different network, however – like Virgin Media – you’ll need to call up your current provider and cancel the service yourself.8 Mar 2019