Will MagicJack Work With HughesNet?

Will magicJack Work With Satellite Internet?

No, we do not recommend utilizing magicJack with satellite Internet (such as DirecTV, HughesNet, or Windstream).

Though satellite Internet service is considerably faster than dial-up, it is traditionally slower than many cable, DSL, and other high-speed Internet connections.

What Internet speed do I need for magicJack?

To use a magicJack, you MUST have the following:

Windows 10 or Intel-based Apple MAC operating system; AND. One of the following types of internet connection: DSL, Cable, or Broadband high speed internet connection, with at least 5 mbps download speed and 3 mbps upload speed, AND.

How do I connect my magicJack to my router?



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How to Use the Magic Jack Plus without a Computer – YouTube


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Can I still use my old Magic Jack?

WE DO NOT SUGGEST YOU USE THE MAGIC JACK FOR A BUSINESS LINE! The old regular Magic Jack (no longer sold) is a little dongle that plugs into a USB port on a PC, and uses software on the PC to give it the smarts to use the Magic Jack VoIP service.

Does magicJack work without Internet?

But the new version, the MagicJack Plus, can be connected directly to your router or modem and can be used without a computer as long as you have broadband Internet service.