Question: Why Is Cable TV So Expensive?

The biggest driver of the cost of cable TV is that the cable channel owners want more money per subscriber to allow their channel to be shown by the cable TV company.

Cable customers traditionally watch only 15% or so of the channels available to them so you’re paying for a lot of channels you never turn on.

How much does cable cost per month?

Price Ranges for Cable TV

The limited basic cable service from Comcast costs about $24 a month; its highest level plan starts at $85 per month. At Time Warner, the Starter TV level costs about $20 per month, with additional service levels costing between $30 and $80 a month.

How much is the average cable bill?

Cable television companies report average spending per subscriber of about $85 a month, while the average among satellite TV providers tops $100 a month, according to Leichtman Research Group. .

What is the cheapest cable TV?

The Best Cheap TV Providers

Outstanding Customer SatisfactionMost ChannelsTwo-Year Price Lock
Starting at $35.00/monthStarting at $35.00/monthStarting at $59.99/month
View plans 855-206-5871View plans 844-431-0619View plans 855-271-1385
Read reviewRead reviewRead review

3 more rows

How can I negotiate my cable bill?

How to Negotiate Your Cable TV Bill

  • Drop to a Lower Tier Package. We’ll start with the simplest tip: every couple months, take a few minutes and evaluate your usage.
  • Supplement Your Cable Package with Other Services.
  • Bundle Services.
  • Sign a Contract.
  • Shop Around.
  • Call and Ask for a Discount.
  • Negotiate with Your Provider.
  • Threaten to Leave.