Quick Answer: Why Does Directv Need A Phone Line?

Do you have to have a phone line to get directv?

Quick Answer: Why Does Directv Need A Phone Line?

No land line is required to install a DirecTV satellite television cable system.

You can purchase the necessary equipment from a local supplier or you can contact DirecTV directly, by telephone or online.

No phone line is required for the service.

Does directv offer Internet without a phone line?

Research companies such as DirecTV and Dish Network that provide satellite Internet service without requiring you to have a land line. Tell customer service representatives that you’re only interested in Internet, and you don’t want to get home phone service.

Do you need a phone line for satellite TV?

Many satellite television companies require a phone line for DVRs to function properly. Depending on the service, a land line may only be required to order pay-per-view programming, or it may be required for all DVR functions.

Does directv require an Internet connection?

Without fast Internet, using a streaming TV service is not an option. DIRECTV’s signal doesn’t require an Internet connection. You have an AT&T cellular network account: Because AT&T now owns DIRECTV, you can receive a few cost breaks on your DIRECTV service if you’re already an AT&T customer.

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