Question: What Is The Cheapest Broadband Only Deal?

What’s the cheapest broadband deal?

Question: What Is The Cheapest Broadband Only Deal?

TalkTalk broadband only deals and speeds

TalkTalk’s fibre optic broadband plans are some of the cheapest around.

And with its maximum speed of around 9.5MB per second, you can pay extra for Speed Boost and a Super Router – the TalkTalk broadband plan to go for if you have a multitude of data-hungry folk in your home.

Can you get broadband only deals?

Yes, you can. All of Virgin Media’s broadband options are fibre optic, and all are available on their own without a landline. If you can get Virgin Media in your area, you can get fibre without a phone line – with average download speeds of 362Mb on the fastest Virgin Media fibre package, no less.

What is the best internet only deal?

Xfinity Internet Plans and Pricing

Internet PackageDownload Speeds Up ToUpload Speeds Up To
Performance60 Mbps2 Mbps
Blast!250 Mbps5 Mbps
Extreme Pro400 Mbps10 Mbps
Gigabit1,000 Mbps35 Mbps

1 more row

Can you just get broadband?

Virgin Media ( is the only major provider in the UK able to offer broadband that doesn’t need a phone line. Since it has its own fibre network separate from BT’s, it can bring a broadband connection to your home directly – completely eliminating the need for a landline.

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