Quick Answer: What Does ADSL Mean?

What does ADSL stand for?

Asymmetric digital subscriber line

Is ADSL and WiFi the same?

Wireless broadband, or WiFi, is the standard way homes across the country get on the internet but it is a misnomer. While 3G connections for smartphones transmit data through the air, the wireless bit of wireless broadband is the connection between the device you are accessing the internet on and your wireless router.

How does ADSL work?

ADSL also works through the copper wires of your telephone line. However, Internet data travels along the wires at a different frequency to the voice signals. Your ADSL connection comes through the Telkom phone line network, directly to your house, so it is the most popular type of broadband available.

What does adsl2+ mean?

ADSL2+, often shortened to as just ADSL, refers to the most basic type of broadband connection available in Australia, where internet is delivered over the same copper-wiring used for your home phone.