What Can You Do With Old Routers?

9 Ways to Reuse Your Old Routers

  • Wireless Repeater. If your Wi-Fi network doesn’t reach into every part of your home, you can use the old router as a wireless repeater.
  • Guest WiFi. Not all routers have a secure guest mode built into them.
  • Internet Radio Streamer.
  • Network Switch.
  • Wireless Bridge.
  • Smart Home Hub.
  • NAS Drive.
  • VPN Connection.

25 Dec 2018

Can you use old routers?

One great thing that you can do is turn your old router into a wireless repeater. In essence, your old router will connect to your main router, bridging the WiFi gap, allowing you to go online. You need to use DD-WRT upgraded firmware.23 Jun 2010

Can I use old router as WiFi extender?

If you have an old router sitting around, check with the manual to make sure the device can be converted into an extender or a repeater, and get specific instructions. See if the router can use open-source firmware (like DD-WRT). If so, chances are that you can indeed use your old router as an extender.26 Feb 2018

How long does a WiFi router last?

Average Lifespan

The most we can do to answer this question is observe, research, and provide an educated estimate. I scoured through some online forums to read up on some experts’ opinions and from what I could collate, a wireless router typically lasts from two to five years.