Quick Answer: What Cable Do I Need For High Speed Internet?

What kind of cable is used for high speed Internet?


Cable broadband Internet uses a building’s coaxial cables that transmit data to its televisions.

A cable plugs into an outlet in the wall on one end and the cable modem on the other, and a second cable runs from the modem to the computer.

Users can watch cable television and access the Internet at the same time.

What is required for cable Internet?

Cable internet service uses the same coaxial cable network as cable television to provide your home with internet. The modem then uses an Ethernet cable to connect to your computer or router, which is what gives you access to high-speed internet.

Does it matter what Ethernet cable I use?

Not All Ethernet Cables Are Equal: You Can Get Faster LAN Speeds By Upgrading. Wired connections, which use Ethernet cables, are generally faster and have lower latency than Wi-Fi connections. But, just as modern Wi-Fi hardware has advanced, modern Ethernet cables are capable of communicating at faster speeds.

Can I use CAT 7 cable for Internet?

Cat7 connectors are compatible with Cat5, with enhancements and caveats. Cat5, Cat5e, Cat6 and Cat7 are physically and electrically compatible. It’s when you try to do 10Gb/s or higher signaling on the cable that the Cat5e standard falls over.