Quick Answer: Is The Persona 4 Anime Worth Watching?

How long is the Persona 4 anime?

86 minutesPersona 4: The AnimationPersona 4: The Animation -The Factor of Hope-Runtime86 minutesAnime television seriesPersona 4: The Golden AnimationDirected bySeiji Kishi Tomohisa Taguchi28 more rows.

What’s the difference between Persona 4 and Persona 4 Golden anime?

Is that really it? Uhm well, Persona 4 the animation mostly focuses on the vanilla p4 story, covering 26 episodes. The Persona 4 Golden animation assumes you already know the basic p4 plot, seeing as it skips over most of the core story.

Is there a persona 3 anime?

Persona 3 The Movie劇場版「ペルソナ3」 (Gekijō Ban Perusona 3)Anime film seriesDirected byNoriaki Akitaya (No. 1) Tomohisa Taguchi (No. 2) Keitaro Motonaga (No. 3) Tomohisa Taguchi (No. 4)Produced byKazunori AdachiWritten byJun Kumagai8 more rows

How old is Nanako Dojima?

AboutJapanese Name堂島 菜々子NicknamesNana-chan (by Teddie)Date Of BirthOct 04, 2004Age6(7) 17(P5) 25(P6)Height122cm(4’0”)4 more rows

Should I watch Persona 4 anime?

Anyways the anime was overall decent. So it’s great to watch it whether you’ve played any Persona game or not. If you have played the game to completion, and if it is the Vita (Golden) version, then yes, you can watch both anime and get a quick review of the storyline.

Does Persona 4 anime spoil?

No, watching the anime won’t spoil the game for you, in fact someone who has actually done this has said so ITT. The plot twists will be spoiled for you, but Persona 4 (to me) is about the journey and the character interactions, a lot of which you miss in the anime.

Is the Persona 4 anime good Reddit?

The Persona 4 anime is pretty good and my favorite animated adaptation of the video game series so far. The Persona 3 movies are also worth a watch, as they cover the material and even add in a good bit of extra material that enhances the story. … I watched them without having played P3 but have played P4G and 5.

Can I play Persona 4 first?

Accepted Answer. Yes, you can. The story isn’t reliant on any of the other games or series. You can even start with P4 if you want.

How many episodes of Persona 4 anime are there?

26Persona 4: The Animation/Number of episodes

Will there be a persona 6?

There’s no official news about a new title yet, though rumors have been brewing for some time. Persona 6’s announcement is definitely plausible, but it may be some time before fans get to see very much of it.