Is Virgin To Virgin Landline Free?

Is Virgin To Virgin Landline Free?

Virgin is to become the first phone operator to offer its customers free calls from home phones to Virgin mobiles.

More than four million new and existing Virgin home phone customers with unlimited packages will be able to call anyone with a Virgin mobile phone without charge from 1 April.

Is Virgin landline to Virgin Mobile Free?

The calls made from the Virgin landline to a Virgin Mobile are only free within the call plan times.

Are 020 numbers free on Virgin landlines?

Are 020 numbers free to call? London telephone numbers starting with 020 are not free to call on UK landline and mobile networks unless you have inclusive minutes remaining on your call bundle.

Are 0345 numbers free on Virgin?

Should you wish to call a 0345 number on Virgin Mobile or by using Virgin Media for your landline and broadband you can rest assured that it is free of charge, indeed the same as any number starting 03. They are considered part of your inclusive calls you can ring as part of your contract.

Are 0870 numbers free on Virgin landline?

The Access Charge when calling an 0870 number from a Virgin Media landline is 11.25p per minute. However, depending on which phone package you have, you may be able to call 0870 numbers for free.

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