Is Virgin Mobile Unlimited Data Really Unlimited?

Is Virgin Mobile Unlimited Data Really Unlimited?

With Virgin Mobile Unlimited, customers will receive data free unlimited music streaming is included with each plan.

Virgin Mobile has no contracts, activation fees, or overage charges.

Each plan includes unlimited talk and text, however, data amounts will vary.

Does Virgin Mobile offer unlimited data?

Virgin Mobile Unlimited Plans

Virgin Mobile’s unlimited plans offer high-speed 4G LTE data to meet a variety of needs. In addition to unlimited data, talk and text, the monthly plans also include 50 minutes of domestic voice roaming, in case you find yourself outside of our network.

What is unlimited data Virgin Mobile?

Virgin Mobile’s Truly Unlimited customers will enjoy unlimited texts, minutes and data without caps or throttling. Truly Unlimited is for consumers only and not to be used for commercial purposes. Truly Unlimited is the UK’s only unlimited plan with no tethering, throttling, speed restrictions or caps.

Is Virgin Mobile truly unlimited data?

Virgin Media has announced the UK’s first truly unlimited mobile plan. With no caps, throttling or hidden catches, Truly Unlimited is a mobile plan created exclusively for Virgin Media’s TV, broadband and landline customers. Plus, Virgin Media has just boosted its 4G speed to up to 50Mbps.

Does Virgin Mobile Cap Data?

Virgin Mobile customers can now set a cap for any extra costs outside of their monthly call, text and data allowance.

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