Quick Answer: Is Virgin A Good Broadband Provider?

Which is better Virgin or Sky Broadband?

Quick Answer: Is Virgin A Good Broadband Provider?

Although Vivid 350 costs quite a bit more than any of Sky’s broadband options, it offers more than four times the speed.

And here are a few more reasons why Virgin is top dog for great value internet plans Not only is Virgin’s broadband faster than Sky’s, it’s also more efficient and reliable.

Which broadband provider is best in 2019?

The UK’s best broadband providers for 2019 are Vodafone, EE, Virgin Media, Plusnet, BT and Zen Internet.

Is Virgin Broadband better than BT?

BT broadband vs Virgin Media broadband. BT and Virgin are two heavyweights of the broadband world. Virgin is renowned for its insanely fast speeds, but BT is more widely available and also offers faster speeds than its competitors.

Is Virgin Media Broadband any good?

Virgin Media Broadband review: Verdict

Virgin Media’s broadband offering is an impressive one. It delivers good customer service and speeds its major rivals can’t match. All of that costs money, though: with standard broadband packages starting at £35 per month, this certainly isn’t a budget ISP.

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