Quick Answer: Is Sky Broadband Any Good?

Quick Answer: Is Sky Broadband Any Good?

Although Vivid 350 costs quite a bit more than any of Sky’s broadband options, it offers more than four times the speed.

And here are a few more reasons why Virgin is top dog for great value internet plans Not only is Virgin’s broadband faster than Sky’s, it’s also more efficient and reliable.

Is Sky Broadband better than BT?

Sky resells fibre broadband over the BT network, however their average download speed is only up to 63Mb. Sky broadband is marginally faster than BT broadband in real world tests, and Sky is also cheaper, plus they have a better reputation for customer service than BT.

Is Sky Broadband as good as virgin?

Sky and Virgin are very closely matched as broadband providers, with both offering top-quality routers and good extras such as free WiFi and online security packages. Virgin only offers its uniquely fast fibre speeds and includes weekend calls as standard.

Is Sky Fibre broadband any good?

Sky’s Fibre Unlimited service promises an average speed of precisely 40Mbits/sec, and is advertised at £27 per month (including line rental) on an 18-month contract. Sky doesn’t have any fibre-to-the-premises or G.fast broadband packages, so 63Mbits/sec is as fast as it gets.

Who is the best broadband provider?

The UK’s best broadband providers for 2019 are Vodafone, EE, Virgin Media, Plusnet, BT and Zen Internet.

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