Question: Is It Illegal To Hang Up On 911?

While it isn’t illegal to prank call 911, a prank call to 911 could be taken over a phone call for an actual emergency, which could result in a delayed emergency response to the scene of the crime or accident, and could potentially result in death for the victim.

What happens if you hang up on 911?

A large percentage of 911 calls are accidental, especially from cell phones. If you dial 911 by accident, DO NOT hang up! If, when we call back, no one answers and there is an address associated with the number, a police response will be sent to determine if in fact there is an emergency.

Can you get in trouble for not calling 911?

If there is no duty owed, then that person cannot be sued for not calling 911. If that person put you in the dangerous situation, they have a duty to call 911.

Can you call 911 for someone in a different state?

Plan ahead: If you are concerned about a loved one in another state, call the police department in the town where he or she lives and get the 10-digit number (7 digits + area code) to call in case of emergencies. If an emergency arises, call the 10-digit number instead of 911.

Do you have to pay if you call 911?

911 is paid by the taxpayer when you need the police. When you call for an ambulance, you have to reimburse for the cost of the ambulance. If it’s a serious medical emergency, the fire department will send out a crew to acompany the ambulance, free of charge.