Quick Answer: Is EarthLink Internet Any Good?

You’ll need to pay extra for EarthLink’s Home Networking service, Voice over IP (VoIP), and other goodies, and EarthLink’s bandwidth speed is much slower than that of its competitors.

But if you want a wide range of features from a security-minded provider, EarthLink may be a good choice for you.

EarthLink was founded in 1994 and offers customers high-speed internet, with download speeds up to 75Mbps. Speeds of up to 75Mbps are offered via cable connection, speeds of up to 25Mbps are satellite, and speeds of up to 15Mbps are provided through DSL.

The monthly costs start at $49.99. Additional fees and taxes may apply. The DSL Internet plan option begins with a monthly price of $14.95 for the first three months of the 12-month contract. EarthLink does not charge an activation fee for this internet plan.

What WIFI company is the best?

The 7 Best Internet Service Providers

  • AT&T Internet. Best Customer Service.
  • Verizon. Best Fiber Internet Provider.
  • HughesNet. Best Satellite Provider.
  • Frontier Communications. Best for Cheap Internet.
  • Charter Spectrum. Best Cable Internet Provider.
  • CenturyLink. Best for Business Internet.
  • Comcast Xfinity. Fastest Max Speeds.

EarthLink Internet Speeds Now Up To 1 Gig!

EarthLink has an internet plan for nearly every family’s needs and budget. Call 1-844-811-1925 today to see if EarthLink is available in your neighborhood!