Question: How Does The Verizon Wireless Home Phone Work?

Wireless Home Phone is an analog telephone adapter that provides you with high-quality, home phone service using our wireless network.

Simply plug your existing home telephone into the Wireless Home Phone unit, complete the over-the-air service activation (*228), and make calls.

How much is Verizon Home Phone Connect per month?

The service comes with popular features such as voice mail and essential e-911 service (plus battery backup in case of a power outage). Service to the line, including unlimited domestic calls, costs $20 a month—or just $10 for current Verizon Wireless customers.

How much does Verizon charge for a landline?

“Copper-based phone services should be $10 or $20 [per month].” Verizon’s landline customers pay a basic, state-set charge of $23 — but that’s just for starters. Taxes and fees boost that $23 fee to over $30. Unlimited local and long distance push charges to over $60, the state reported last year.

Does Verizon do home phones?

Verizon offers several types of home phone services, depending on what is available in your area. We currently support the following: Fios Digital Voice (FDV) Traditional home phone service.

How do I reset my Verizon home phone?

Factory Data Reset – Wireless Home Phone T2000

  • Remove the battery cover.
  • Using a paper clip, press the Reset Button until the display shows “Resetting to factory defaults” (device reboots). Don’t remove the battery and allow several minutes for the reboot process to complete.