Quick Answer: How Do I Setup A Guest Network On My Virgin Superhub?

How do I setup a guest network on Virgin Media?

You can set up your Guest Network by following these steps:

  • Click the Enable 2.4GHz First Guest Network check box.
  • Enter the name of the network in the SSID box.
  • Click the Enable SSID Broadcast check box.
  • Select the Security mode you want to use.
  • Enter the required Passphrase into the text box.

30 Jan 2017

How do you set up a guest network?

How to Create a Guest Network

  1. From a computer connected by Ethernet to your router, open a browser and log in to the router’s interface. Get into the wireless set up.
  2. You may need to activate the guest network feature.
  3. Confirm the network’s name.
  4. The SSID broadcast may be either On or Off.
  5. Enter Wi-Fi security settings.

How do I connect my printer to my virgin superhub?

Actually connect the printer: Press and hold the WPS button on the printer until it starts to flash, press the Virgin button for 2 seconds until it starts to flash red/blue. Wait for flashing to stop. Printer is connected.16 Sep 2013

How do I use the WPS button on my virgin router?

Once you’ve set up your Hub, this light flashes when you press the WPS button, if that’s how you choose to connect devices to the WiFi. Press the WPS button on the hub for a few seconds. Then select the WPS connection option on your device’s network manager (if your device is compatible).2 Oct 2018