How Do I Check My Virgin Broadband Speed?

How do I check my Virgin Media broadband speed?

How Do I Check My Virgin Broadband Speed?

To test the speed of your service please follow the steps below.

  • Using the CAT5e Ethernet cable supplied with your Router, connect your computer to one of the Ethernet ports on the Router.
  • Go to – this is the only approved speed test site for the Virgin Media network.

How can I check WIFI speed?

Test Wi-Fi speed to devices on your network

  1. Open the Google Wifi app.
  2. Tap the tab, then Network check.
  3. On the network check screen, tap Test Wi-Fi.
  4. We’ll test one Wifi point at a time, showing speeds for each device connected to that Wifi point.
  5. You’ll see the speed results for each device in large text at the top of the screen and next to the device name below.

What speed should Virgin broadband be?

Quick overview of speeds

Package nameAdvertised speedAverage speed (24hr)
Virgin VIVID 50Up to 50Mbps54.4Mbps
Virgin VIVID 100Up to 100Mbps107.8Mbps
Virgin VIVID 200Up to 200Mbps214.7Mbps
Virgin VIVID 350Up to 350Mbps358.4Mbps

How do I find my broadband speed?

All you need to remember is this simple formula:

  • File Size In Megabytes / (Download Speed In Megabits / 8) = Time In Seconds.
  • A 15 Megabyte file, downloading at 10 Megabits per second: 15 / (10/8) = 12 seconds.

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