Quick Answer: Does Verizon Offer Free Government Phones?

Quick Answer: Does Verizon Offer Free Government Phones?

The Verizon wireless free government phone service is a program aimed at enabling low-income earners to have access to affordable communication services.

With this program, these individuals are given the opportunity to own a free government phone and a monthly subscription at a subsidized cost.

Does Verizon have free government phones?

Verizon Wireless is authorized to participate in Lifeline and offers services in four states. This subsidized benefit makes phone services more affordable for many low-income families, as well as individuals. In most cases, the Lifeline discount provides a phone and free minutes every month.

What companies offer free government cell phones?

Government Lifeline assistance helps low-income families with free government cell phones and affordable phone services.

Here is a quick list of companies that offer free government Smartphones:

  • Access Wireless.
  • American Assistance.
  • Assurance Wireless.
  • Budget Mobile.
  • Cintex Wireless.
  • EnTouch.
  • Life Wireless.
  • Safelink Wireless.

Which free government phone is the best?

Best Free Government Cell Phones 2018

  1. GCI, General Communications Inc.
  2. Infiniti Mobile.
  3. Q Link Wireless.
  4. SafeLink Wireless.
  5. Sprocket Wireless.
  6. TerraCom Wireless.
  7. TruConnect.
  8. LifeLine Assistance discounted rates for cell phones.

Does Verizon participate in Lifeline?

Lifeline is a government assistance program that offers discounts to qualified low-income customers. Verizon offers Lifeline plans for home phone service or broadband (internet) service. If you are receiving a discount from another provider you are not eligible for the Lifeline discount with Verizon.

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