Question: Does SimpliSafe Work If Power Goes Out?

SimpliSafe offers you protection even when your electricity grid fails you.

During a power outage, the Base Station pulls power from its rechargeable backup battery, so your alarm system remains fully functional for up to 24 hours.

Does SimpliSafe work without WiFi?

Yes, SimpliSafe has its own separate wireless communication between components. So WiFi is not necessary to trigger an alarm siren. If you do want to have Monitoring, though, the Base Station also has built-in cellular, which it can use to send signals to dispatch even without WiFi.

How long do the batteries last in SimpliSafe sensors?

Expected battery life is approximately approximately 3-5 years for all sensors and the Keychain Remote, and 1 year for the Keypad and Extra Siren. The Base Station batteries are rechargeable and will provide you with 8 hours of backup power.

What cell service does SimpliSafe use?

The cellular provider we use for the new SimpliSafe systemis Vodafone. That being said, the primary connection method is now WIFi.

Is SimpliSafe compatible with Arlo?

The Arlo Security System will be available in the second half of 2019, in which it is also expected to become Zigbee and Z-Wave compatible. This compatibility will allow Arlo users to control a wide-range of “Works with Arlo” certified third-party smart home devices via the Arlo app, according to the company.

Does SimpliSafe have wireless cameras?

With an ultra-wide field of view—plus flawless streaming—you can see everything that happens at home in crystal clear HD from your smartphone, laptop or tablet. All for free in the SimpliSafe app.

Does SimpliSafe call the police?

With SimpliSafe’s professional monitoring and police dispatch, they call you when the alarm is triggered. If you don’t answer, they contact the backup number. If the secondary contact doesn’t answer, then a SimpliSafe representative calls 911.

What kind of batteries does SimpliSafe use?

Replace the batteries (AA for the Keypad and CO Detector; CR123 for Entry, Motion Sensors, Glassbreak, and Smoke Sensors; CR2032 for the Panic Button; and CR2450 for Water and Freeze). Then slide the front of the sensor back into place. To change the battery in the Keychain Remote, first slide off the USB cap.

Does SimpliSafe require a phone line?

With SimpliSafe, you can choose from a landline, broadband, or cellular monitoring options. Most of the SimpliSafe equipment is wireless and doesn’t require a landline phone. By contrast, the SimpliSafe keypad doesn’t control anything. Your base station does.

Does the new SimpliSafe work with the old?

None of the new (SS3 from January 2018) sensors work with the older SS2 system. Only the camera (and now the doorbell) work with both systems. go to, and select your system. In your case, it will be SS2, which SS is now calling the Original SimpliSafe.

What frequency does SimpliSafe use?

The SimpliSafe system operates on the Unlicensed ISM Frequencies of 433.92Mhz (for transmissions to the Base Station), and 315Mhz (for base station to keypad status transmissions). The 433.92Mhz portion of the ISM band also falls within the Amateur (HAM) radio frequency allocation of the 70cm band.

Does SimpliSafe have cellular backup?

The base unit is the main hub of the SimpliSafe system, and though it needs to be plugged in to a power outlet, it has a 24-hour backup battery in case of a power outage. The basic $15-per-month plan supports all of the SimpliSafe’s sensors, has 24/7 monitoring, and cellular backup in case your Wi-Fi network goes down.

Does SimpliSafe connect to WiFi?

Your All-New SimpliSafe system can connect to WiFi to provide an alternative connection to our monitoring center and a slightly faster refresh time for the mobile apps and webapp. To connect your SimpliCam to WiFi, click here. To connect your Video Doorbell Pro to WiFi, click here.