Do You Need An Aerial For Virgin?

If you get cable from Virgin then no, you don’t need an aerial.

Can I get TV without an aerial?

No, you will not pick up any stations without an aerial. Since it is a smart TV it should have internet TV services built in. Such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, just to name some. So, you will not need an aerial, unless you want to watch live TV in your area.

Can I get Freeview without an aerial?

You can only get Freeview via an aerial, and usually a rooftop one is required. It’a a terrestial service. You can’t get any Freeview channels via a Sky box. What you will get without a sub are the Sky non-sub channels (Freesat From Sky).

Do you need an aerial for Freeview play?

You’ll need a Freeview Play TV or recorder, a working TV aerial, and broadband access so you can connect to the internet. Most TVs now include the option to connect using Wi-Fi and as long as you have a connection speed of more than 2Mbps you should be able to watch catch up TV.