Question: Do I Need A Landline For Broadband?

Question: Do I Need A Landline For Broadband?

Do I need a landline for broadband?

But it also means that you need a landline to get ADSL, which you may not want or need.

ADSL broadband deals also include monthly line rental, service charges, and most likely a 12- or 18-month contract, which means that a landline is no small outlay.

Do I need a landline for Internet?

Most broadband providers use BT’s ( copper wire telephone network to deliver an internet connection to your home, and that requires an active phone line… so line rental is almost always included when you take out a broadband package. Read on and we’ll take a look at how you can get landline-free broadband.

Can I get wireless Internet without a phone line?

How to Get Wireless Internet Without Having Cable or a Phone Line. Wi-Fi without cable or a phone line is easy to obtain. Modern cell providers and satellite options offer a cordless option to many users. You can find cheap internet service without a phone line, especially when your usage is minimal.

Do I need a landline for Sky?

A landline or internet connection is not needed to receive normal transmission. However in order to book SKY Box Office Movies and SKY Arena Events with your remote you’ll need an active phone line or an internet connection.

Can I get broadband without a landline in Ireland?

Yes. You can get an unlimited broadband connection to your home without the cost of the landline. Pure Telecom is the best provider in Ireland that is able to offer broadband that doesn’t need a phone line.

Can I get internet without a phone line or cable?

While many providers offer internet and TV bundles, standalone internet is a great option if you want home Wi-Fi, but don’t want to pay extra for TV and phone. You probably don’t need cable or phone service. So, if you want to cut the cable cord, don’t worry, you can still get internet without cable or a phone line.

How can I get broadband without a phone line?

Virgin Media ( is the only major provider able to offer broadband without a phone line to more than just a few select areas of the country. If you want to see exactly what you can get, check broadband in your area.

Can I get free internet if I get food stamps?

To apply for Cox Low-Cost Internet, visit the website and fill out the form. Access offers up to 10 Mbps internet to qualifying families for $10.00 per month. To qualify for Access, customers must have at least one family member who participates in the SNAP program.

What is the best alternative to cable?

Note: You will need to have Internet access to take advantage of some of these cable TV alternatives.

  • Sling TV (best alternative to cable)
  • Hulu.
  • Netflix.
  • Amazon Instant Video.
  • PlayStation Vue.
  • HD Antenna.
  • Online Viewing.
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Is it possible to get free WiFi at home?

Because of wifi hotspots, it’s easier than ever to get free internet. The only catch is you need to go to a public place to enjoy the free wifi. But, it’s also possible to get free internet at home too. This section offers nine ways to get free internet every month.

Do I need a landline anymore?

Most broadband deals require a home phone line to be in place, even if you never use it. First off, it’s important to note that landlines are still very much in use by some people. The Broadband Choices report found that 93% of the over-60s are using their landline to make calls, compared to 65% of those under 30.

What is the cheapest broadband only deal?

Compare broadband only deals

PackageBroadband SpeedMonthly Price
NOW Broadband Brilliant Broadband11Mb average£18 per month
Plusnet Unlimited Broadband10Mb average£19.99 per month
Sky Broadband Essential11Mb average£20 per month
Vodafone Superfast 1 Fibre Broadband35Mb average£22 per month

11 more rows

Can I cancel my landline and still have Internet?

It depends how often you use your landline, but getting rid of your home phone gives you one less bill to pay as you are not charged for line rental. If your landline is part of a broadband bundle, it may cost more to cancel. However, you may be able to get broadband without a phone line.