Can You Have DSL Without Phone Service?

Can You Have DSL Without Phone Service?

Naked DSL is DSL Internet service that does not include home phone service.

If you want the Internet but not a home phone, Naked DSL is just that: DSL without a phone line activated.

If you decide later you need a phone it is sometimes possible to get a splitter to use both or use other phone service technologies.

Can I get Verizon DSL without phone service?

“Verizon hasn’t offered standalone High Speed Internet (DSL) service for more than three years,” spokesman Harry Mitchell wrote in an e-mail. Verizon does, however, let subscribers of its much faster Fios fiber-optic broadband service get rid of their phone lines or opt out of paying for one upfront.

Can I get internet without a provider?

Many providers, such as AT&T, CenturyLink, Frontier and XFINITY offer at least one standalone internet plan option. So, if you want to cut the cable cord, don’t worry, you can still get internet without cable or a phone line. Just contact your provider to see the standalone internet options in your area.

A DSL Internet connection uses home phone line technology, but that doesn’t mean that you have to have an actual home phone. You have the option to get either standalone DSL or Internet and phone bundles. Standalone DSL Internet is just what it sounds like: a dedicated line without a home phone.

What is stand alone DSL?

March 2017) (Learn how and when to remove this template message) A naked DSL , also known as standalone or dry loop DSL) is a digital subscriber line (DSL) without a PSTN (analogue telephony) service — or the associated dial tone. In other words, only a standalone DSL Internet service is provided on the local loop.

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