Can I Use An Ethernet Cable With Sky Q?

Pull out the tab on the Sky Q box and plug an Ethernet cable into this, then run the other end of the cable into your router (Sky Q Hub or otherwise).

Go to Settings, Setup, Network, Advanced Settings and select the ‘Connect to your router using a wired connection’ option.

Can I use Ethernet with Sky Q?

The regular Sky Hub has four ethernet ports with transfer speeds of up to 100Mb. It’s also got Wi-Fi up to ‘wireless n’ 802.11n standard – and overall you can connect up to 32 devices at once. If you need to connect more than two devices through ethernet, you can always get an ethernet switch or use your own router.

How do I connect my Ethernet cable to my Sky box?

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How to connect your MY SKY box to the internet with an Ethernet


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What connections are on a sky Q box?

There are three Sky Q boxes, and the broadband hub. The two main boxes are the premium Sky Q 2TB (formerly Sky Q Silver) and Sky Q 1TB.

What cable do sky use for Sky Q?

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