Can I Get Local Channels Without Cable?

Watch Local Channels without Cable Using a Streaming Service

Hulu with Live TV (free trial) is the best way to get local channels online.

They offer over 60 channels and local channels are available in more locations than with any other streaming service.

Available local options include ABC, NBC, CBS, CW, and FOX.

Can you still get local channels without cable?

Local Channels Over the Air (OTA)

Cable TV doesn’t want you to know this, but local broadcast TV networks are available over the air simply using a TV antenna. In fact, today’s antenna TV has a better picture than cable. If your TV is not digital, you can convert it using a digital converter box.

Can I get local channels on Amazon Prime?

Amazon Channels is the Prime benefit that lets Prime members subscribe to over 100 channels, with no cable required, no apps to download, and can cancel anytime. Most movies and TV shows included in your subscriptions are available to watch on demand.

Can I get local channels with Roku?

Pluto TV offers live newscasts from national stations such as CBSN, NBC News, Bloomberg, and more. Many local news stations have Roku channels where you can watch live broadcasts or catch up on recorded versions. Search for your favorite news station in the Roku channel store or browse the News & Weather category.

Can I stream local TV channels?

These are the best options for watching local channels online in the US. Catch local channels, such as CBS, ABC, NBC, PBS, and FOX, with just your internet connection. We’ll also go through how you can watch them on your TV.