Quick Answer: Can I Bundle FIOS With My Cell Phone?

Can you bundle Verizon cell phone and Internet?

With Verizon Double Freedom, subscribers can choose to bundle their voice service with high-speed Internet service, TV service through satellite provider DirecTV, or Verizon Wireless phone service.

The bundled packages are not available to customers subscribing to Verizon’s Fios fiber-to-the-home service.

What is the best TV Internet and phone bundle?

Cheap TV, internet and phone packages

ProviderPackageStarting price*
MediacomSilver 60 Triple Play$69.98/mo.
OptimumAltice One Core TV Internet 200 and Phone$69.99/mo.
SpectrumTriple Play Select$99.97/mo.
XfinityStandard Triple Play$79.99/mo.

3 more rows

How much is FIOS Internet and phone?

Verizon’s PR is pretty straightforward; the new gigabit service costs $69.99 per month, or you can get a bundle of TV, phone, and internet for $79.99. The previous top-of-the-line FiOS service was 750Mbps, priced at nearly $200.

Do you get a discount on Verizon Wireless if you have fios?

Every month, get $10 off your wireless bill and $10 off your Fios bill. Add Verizon Unlimited to a qualifying Fios Double or Triple Play with 100 Mbps or higher speeds and save every month. Save even more when you combine this offer with our smartphone deals.